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You can find me on yahoo as tgirldanni  

I would love to play with you baby. Take you down a completely new journey of being with such a hot sexy T girl like me. So if you like soft erotic seduction, then you have came to the right place.  I would just love to seduce you in whatever way we want to play together. My creativity and my imagination are endless.
Imagine me here...
In my bedroom in my black velvet mini skirt, pulled up around my hips... lying on cool, black satin sheets, the candles are lit, the music is softly playing in the background and my pussy ass is wet and pulsating as I gently tease my clit stick with my long fingernails... dreaming about what You will do to me... waiting for your soft sensual voice to guide me to that place only true lovers know how to get to... imagining your strong hands stroking me slowly... your mouth caressing my breasts, the sound of our breath drowning out the music, as the heat in the room grows in intensity and Your cock grows harder.. Oh yes, baby... I want to make love to you, NOW! I also have dreams of You being the one tied to my bed..., my pet for the night... to tease and torture and take you to unspeakable places before allowing release of your cum that I need so badly. Ours will be a time of passion and intensity, laughter and fun, as we revel in the joy of sharing our bodies and minds and fantasies with each other, while the phone line melts away, and our imagination takes over to take us to the place where dreams are made of and nothing is too taboo or extreme for us! So if you want to have a strong sexy woman tease you and please you and bring you to your knees... then call me! I will even send you my cum soaked panties if you would like to have me even closer to you luv......

I will be waiting for Your call, baby... please hurry, the candles are burning low...


*20 minute blocks for $2.00 per minute*


There is a 10 minute minimum for each call.

Single-Girl Rates:
10 minutes for $25.00
15 minutes for $37.50
20 minutes for $40.00
30 minutes for $60.00
45 minutes for $90.00
60 minutes for $120.00

Two-Girl Rate: $3.50 per minute (with a 10 minute minimum).

International Rate: $3.50 per minute (with a 10 minute minimum).

International Two-Girl Rate: $5.50 per minute (with a 10 minute minimum).


**Tips are accepted, not expected but greatly appreciated!!!**

Your credit card will be discreetly billed as GT Bill or RKM Consultants 
We accept the following credit cards:

Mail Prepayments to...

RM Consultants

Po Box 3962

Huntington Beach, Ca 92605





Switch Play
Money Slaves
Playful Roleplays
Goddess Worship
Guided Masturbation
Girl Friend Experience
Just to name a few.....











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