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Hello Naughty Boy,

Hello, I am Mistress Larissa, 

A sensual and playful domme with a good amount of sarcastic and sadistic bitch mixed in. When you call me you won't hear me screaming and yelling at you, unless you really need that sort of humiliation. I prefer to manipulate your mind as well as your cock. There is nothing more erotic than listening to a man do what I tell him, guiding his masturbation techniques so that he may experience a deeper intensity. You will learn to "edge" yourself closer and closer to the brink of orgasm. Each time will become more fantastic than the last. I love to hear you breathlessly moaning and groaning as I tease you to complete desperation. This is my ultimate passion. If teasing and denial is your fetish, you can expect to be teased and definitely denied, especially if this is your first time calling. Although teasing and denial is a passion of mine, it is not my only interest...

Do you desire to tap into your "feminine" side? Do you think being a man is hard work and you might enjoy being a woman? Well, you've come to the right place. But, I assure you, being a woman or even a facsimile thereof can be hard work too. I will take you on the journey into the softer sweeter world of the woman. This is where we take your fantasy and expound on it, exploring even your most secret desires. Don't be afraid. Mistress is here to hold your hand. Come walk in my shoes, so to speak. Even if you're an experienced femmie, Mistress would love to help you reach your ultimate fantasy goals. I love to feminize men. After all, a lady has something you want, doesn't she? And what better way for you to get it than to get closer to "becoming" a lady yourself? To be, or not to be.....feminine. I'm sure you've asked yourself this many times. Throw out the guilt, it clashes with your wardrobe anyway, so get rid of it. Be prepared to discuss your sexual preferences as well as your personal goals for your journey into feminization.

Do you enjoy CBT (cock and ball torture)? Well, so do I. Of course, it works much better for both of us if you actually HAVE items on hand for us to torture your cock and balls with. Failure to prepare is insulting to a Mistress, so be prepared before you call. Don't know what you should have? Here's a little list:

rubber bands, paper clips, wooden spoons, belts, scarves, shoelaces or light rope, ice cubes, candles, q-tips, alcohol, cock rings, etc...please choose at least 3 of these items or ALL of them if you like (along with any of your favorite TOYS) for us to play with before you call. I want to hear your genuine agony while we are on the phone. Your desire to please me is all I expect. What should you expect from me? Ultimate torture of your cock, balls and, most importantly, your mind.

There are many forms of humiliation and domination that I also enjoy. Roleplaying is a wonderful experience. I have a "motherly" approach when it comes to roleplay, although there are so many kinky scenarios that can be explored, roleplay is only limited by our imaginations, isn't it? Do you have a fantastic fantasy you want to share with a caring and understanding Mistress? I'm waiting for you to whisper your darkest desires in my ear, if you dare.

Do you desire to be owned by a controlling and erotic Mistress? In order to become my slave you will have to prove yourself worthy of ownership. You can and will be given assignments to complete for me. You will devote yourself, in mind and body, to the desires of your Mistress. You will obey without question, secure in the knowledge that your Mistress will never cause you physical or mental harm. That is not to say there won't be some pain, as long as it is agreed upon by both of us. A true servant is what I desire, I expect nothing less. If you are willing to comply with my terms, I may accept you into servitude as one of my slaves. Be prepared to enjoy an ongoing relationship in which your only concern will be your Mistress's pleasure by way of your complete submission to my desires. You should only feel fulfilled when you have pleased me and by doing so we can achieve mutual satisfaction in our Mistress/slave relationship. If being my slave is what you desire, expect to be asked what sort of slave you wish to be and why. I'll be waiting for your respectful answer.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Mistress Larissa

*20 minute blocks for $2.00 per minute*


There is a 10 minute minimum for each call.

Single-Girl Rates:
10 minutes for $25.00
15 minutes for $37.50
20 minutes for $40.00
30 minutes for $60.00
45 minutes for $90.00
60 minutes for $120.00

Two-Girl Rate: $3.50 per minute (with a 10 minute minimum).

International Rate: $3.50 per minute (with a 10 minute minimum).

International Two-Girl Rate: $5.50 per minute (with a 10 minute minimum).


**Tips are accepted, not expected but greatly appreciated!!!**

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